Sight glass rotameter water flowmeter-oxygen glass tube rotameter

 SS , plastic, glass flow meter for liquid-water and air-oxygen1. glass tube flow meter-sight glass direct seeing flow indicator2. accuracy:1.5% 4%, 6%3. flange connection4.Temp :120ºC5. pressure: <1.0MPaDirect reading glass flowmeter, sight flow indicators, glass float, flow rate indicatingU-ideal glass-plastic flo

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Sight Glass Rotameter Water Flowmeter-Oxygen Glass Tube Rotameter SS , plastic, glass flow meter for liquid-water and air-oxygen
1. glass tube flow meter-sight glass direct seeing flow indicator
2. accuracy:1.5% 4%, 6%
3. flange connection
4.Temp :120ºC
5. pressure: <1.0MPa

Direct reading glass flowmeter, sight flow indicators, glass float, flow rate indicating
U-ideal glass-plastic flow meters are optimized for measuring low flow rates of water, air and nitrogen
Our solutions have come from our standard portfolio as well as custom-designed products incorporating special materials and pressure ratings.
The u-ideal line of glass tube and metal tube variable area flow meters ensures measurement repeatability, which provides dependable flow monitoring and consistency. External power is not required for operation; therefore, they provide a fail-safe flow indication under any circumstance.
Regulated Usage of Pressure Equipment "Variable Area Flow Measurement Principle"
This instrument is designed to
transport liquids, gases (including unstable gases) and steam (fluids)
measure the actual volume flow rate at constant operating conditions (pressure, temperature,
density). An output of the flow rate in normal or mass units is possible.

LZB-VA/SA/FA100 VA/SA/FA20 GA24 glass tube rotameter
Higher measuring accuracy: +/- 1.5%
many flow indicate scale types: mm scale, percentage scale, flow rate scale, and removable scale plate.
Flow meter Mounting typeS:nipple plug-in type, threw connection, flange connection (lap joint loose flange)
Accuracy: -20ºC~60ºC or -20ºC~120ºC
Sight Glass Rotameter Water Flowmeter-Oxygen Glass Tube Rotameter

LZS-Series with alarm switch flowmeter installation dimensions
LZS-series plastic pipe flowmeter technology parameters with alarm switch 
LZS Wastewater Flowmeter, Rota meter (pvc flow meter) Sight Glass Rotameter Water Flowmeter-Oxygen Glass Tube Rotameter

1.      Material of the LZS-plastic tube precision durability rotor flowmeter parts:

Taper pipe material is AS;
The (flange) Nut, up and down stopper, float are ABS material.
Plastic Rota meter-flow meter for liquid and gas- Float type flow meter
Low cost Rota meter- Visual flow meter-Low flow rate flow meter

2.      Working principle

Rota meter with alarm switch bitable magnetic excitation functions using the magnetron, magnetic float to achieve contacts with the opening and closing. Relays and other components to achieve with their own sound, light alarm needs.

3.      Functions and Applications

Accuracy: ±4% F.S, Temp: 60ºC, Size: 15-150mm, Pressure: 0.6MPA
BJ01: Limit alarm switch
BJ02: Lower limit alarm switch
BJ01 and BJ02 alarm switch can be at maximum, in the middle, the minimum value of any traffic signals. Alarm switch mounted on sliding rails, select the desired location. When the magnetic float switch position is reached or exceeded, i. e. A signal. At this point the internal contacts open or closed.

4.      Technology parameters of the LZS-precision and durable plastic tube Rota meter

Working pressure: DC100V or AC100V Working Current: 0.5A switch, constant current: DC0.3A interdiction Power: 10W
Insulation resistance> 10 Working temperature: 0ºC - +60 ºC Protection class: IP65 lag (open or closed position) 4mm

Corrosion-type flow meter and medium parts in contact, glass tubes for high boron siliceous glass, dock, float and guide rod PTFE liner bag, seal with F46 diaphragm ring. Nominal pass through ≤ 10mm anti-corrosion type flowmeter, the base material of stainless steel, seals made of U-ideal.
Buyer's Guide: LZB-F anti-corrosion
Glass rotameter-flow meter
Float type flow meter
For liquid and gas
Low cost rotameter
Low flow rate flow meter
Visual flow meter

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 Model LZB-15 LZB-25LZB-40 LZB-50LZB-80LZB-100LZB-100
Rangel/h√6-6040-400160-1600√160-16001-10m3/h5-25 m3/h√20-90 m3/h
√8-8060-600√180-1800400-40001.6-16m3/h√6-35 m3/h√20-100 m3/h
16-160100-1000250-2500600-6000√2-20m3/h8-40 m3/h√30-100 m3/h
25-250√160-1600√300-3000√800-8000√3-25m3/h√12-60 m3/h√50-120 m3/h
40-400 √400-4000√1-10/m3/h√8-40m3/h√16-80 m3/h 
√1-10√3-30√8-80√30-300 200-1000 
Accuracy( + %)

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